Doug Brasket, Portland Or
1/28/20 Updated review 
Steve is the best! Prompt service, reasonable rates, and can handle any problem we throw at him. We are a tax and accounting office, and he always comes through for us, especially in our busy tax season when we can’t afford to have copier down time.


Glenn Blanchard, Multnomah Falls Lodge
6/10/19  Updated review 
“Steve at Portland copier service is both helpful and reliable. Steve has been working with us at Multnomah Falls Lodge for several years, and we are glad to utilize his services.”

 Sheila W, (CPA) Portland Or
“A call to Steve and within the hour he was here to fix the problem. Great service and quick!! You can not go wrong having Steve to keep your machine going and when there is no more go in the machine, Steve will find you an economical way to replace the machine.”
1/19/2018   Updated review                                                                                                              

David Sefton, Riverside Mortgage Group
“Steve went straight to the problem and had fixed it quickly. He has giving us great pricing, advice & is very helpful. A great job definitely and I will use him again,”
9/10/2019   Updated review